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Experience the Wake Up in Makeup difference: More than skin deep

Meet Julie

 Owner and head technician Julie Prior initially began her career in Nursing.  In 1988 after the birth of her daughter Julie became a make up artist in pursuit of more child friendly hours.  An avid artist Julie paints in many mediums and styles.  Her creativity only serves to compliment her craft in Cosmetic tattooing.   In 2004 she moved to the USA and was introduced to Semi Permanent Make Up or Cosmetic Tattooing.

“The transition for me was such a natural step. It became a way of further expressing my love of Art and Beauty”

Our philosophy

We believe every face is a constantly evolving living work of art in itself.  Put simply each client is unique!  As such, we believe in gentle, safe and natural enhancements that suit you as an individual rather than – a one look suits all approach.  Throughout the treatment, we work in collaboration with YOU to ensure that YOU have the final say in YOUR new look.

“It’s such a wonderful experience to see the joy and amazement our clients feel after a procedure. Their uplifted spirits are so discernible and the boost to their self-esteem is evident on their faces. It’s just pure joy to see and SO REWARDING!”

Julie’s Training

Julie has had extensive experience in Cosmetic tattooing and was initially trained in the USA with one of the true pioneers of the industry. She has also had extensive training in the Asia Pacific.

She holds a current license, a Queensland Infection Control Qualification and is committed to ongoing training both here in Australia and overseas.  She works with a Doctor to ensure that you have the finest quality numbing agents available.

All Gain NO Pain!

Julie is committed to keeping abreast of industry standards, the latest technology, along with ongoing training both here in Australia or abroad. She uses only the finest quality pigments and equipment to ensure your comfort and safety, while making your experience the best you can get.



Or by Appointment

Before and after work appointments are also available just call for availability.

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