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OUR spray tan is not like any other spray tan. Spray Tans Brisbane

What makes our Spray Tans the best?


Our very reasonable prices which are $29 for one spray tan or five tans for $100 (a saving of $45). It is manufactured right here in Queensland  regularly for freshness because -YES the solutions do go off!
If ever you’re told “this tan is better because it has a green base”  do not believe it.  This is purely to hide the fact that the solution is old and likely imported, so without the proper refrigeration in transit it has discoloured or gone off. As with all base colours they are purely a marketing ploy as Tanning solution in its raw form is colourless. This is also true of  added perfumes or masking agen


Our tan solution  is a combination of two key active ingredients  being Erythrulose  and  DHA or Dihydroxyacetone. Together with some other  truly premium ingredients which accompany the tanning actives. They serve to deliver a result to equal that of a ‘REAL’ tan. These are all absorbed into the Epidermis or outermost layers of your skin which instigates the MAILLARD reaction  which is basically  a safe natural reaction that produces  a change in  your skin colour known as your Tan

And Thirdly

Our tan solution is a 2 hour process not a 6 hour tan. Note : It is not a rapidly developing tan, the 2 hour tan develops at exactly the same speed as a ‘normal’ spray tan. The advantage is in the ability to wash your tan off 2 hours after application.  The tan begins to show after 3 hours and after 8 hours your tan approaches near peak intensity.

Bronzer is purely for that ‘instant’ tan effect  and has no additional benefit to your Tan . It is predominantly added to the clear tanning solution as a visual aid during application to ensure there are no missed areas.


For the best possible results.
• Shave 24 – 48 hours before your appointment.
• Shower and Exfoliate before you arrive for your appointment. NOTE: do not  rub excessively or exfoliate after your tan as it will reduce the life of your tan.
• Do not apply any products / makeup / deodorant  to your skin after you shower.
• Dark coloured loose clothing is best worn after your TAN application to avoid disturbing the tan solution
• Shower after 2 hours – leaving it on for longer is not necessary and will not help your tan at all.


For the best possible results.

• Moisturise  while your skin is damp after every shower over your entire body. – Do not exfoliate for the duration of your tan.
• Avoid swimming for extended periods.
• Use gentle shower products and pat dry after you shower, never rub hard.